Monday, January 5, 2009

Feverish Fantasies of Far-out Food Fuel my Fun, Baby!

Well, this is my first post!

This blog is for sharing my hunger for cooking and love for food with the rest of the world.
Here you will find plenty of authentic Aletian cuisine (that is, recipes that come from me, Alicia - get it? Alicia -- Aletian? ... nevermind).

I love all kinds of food! ...Except for one thing, that is. LICORICE. I CAN'T STAND licorice! Just the smell of it nauseates me.

Here are some of my favorite foods:
  • sushi of all kinds
  • cheesecake
  • mushrooms
  • bananas
  • enchiladas
  • good Chinese food (eaten with chopsticks!)
  • Italian food (especially homemade)

Some weird foods I have not eaten but want to try:

  • escargot (snails)
  • bunny rabbit
  • moose
  • pickled eggs
  • weird ice cream flavors (like lobster or pumpkin)
  • durian

Somewhat interesting foods I've already eaten:

  • raw fish (in sushi)
  • kidney
  • duck (in thai food - see below)
  • thai food (it was swimming in coconut milk with the weirdest flavor combination I've ever tasted
  • eel (in sushi)
  • sushi caviar (yummy little rubber fishy eggs!)
  • rotten banana bread (needless to say, it wasn't intentional)
  • Teddy Grahams cookies infused with dead baby spiders (that was accidental too)
  • those rubbery little cooked octopuses in some Chinese buffets

Okay, bon appetit!

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